DirecTV, FedEx Home Delivery, and an adventure to fail-land!

crushed-moving-boxWhile in a home center, a DirecTV representative approached me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. Straight forward, he offered me a two year contract for close to $30 cheaper a month than Time Warner Cable (Why is my internet always buffering?). To sweeten the deal, DirecTV thrown in a $125 gift card for the home center. What did I have to lose? My sanity.

Several days after the dish installation, I received the shipping notice (Dec 5). This surprised me since the paperwork stated 6-8 weeks for delivery. The next turn of events will blow your mind.

  • Dec 5 (Friday) – Shipment transmitted to FedEx
  • Dec 9 (Monday) – Attempted delivery, indirect signature required
    A door tag was left with the signature location circled. I signed this and taped it on the door since the sticky was worn off and the cold door would likely allow it to blow off.
  • Dec 11 (Wednesday) – Called FedEx; no record of door tag number in their system. Assured me that it would be delivered the next day. (door tag still on door)
  • Dec 13 (Friday) – Another call to FedEx, they now claimed they would re-deliver on Monday (door tag still on door)
  • Dec 17 (Tuesday) – Still no package, another call to FedEx, they now claim that the package is lost and I needed to contact the shipper to have them submit a claim. Called DirecTV with the information and was told a new card would be issued and the old cancelled. At this point, I removed the door tag.
  • Dec 23 (Monday) – Two weeks later, an attempt at delivery was made, according to the tracking website, no door tag left
  • Dec 24 (Tuesday) – Knock at the door at 8:15am, it was FedEx…with theoriginal package. After a call to DirecTV it was found out that they don’t re-issue gift cards nor do they cancel them.
I cannot begin to express the absolute incompetence of DirecTV, FedEx Home Delivery, or their agents. Each and every time I was told something different, even blatantly lied to, just to get me off the phone.
FedEx promised to return phone calls to me about the package but they didn’t do so (no missed calls, no voicemails) despite having my phone number in their system from me giving it to them as well as from the shipper (my phone number was on the shipping label too).
I’ve always had wonderful results with FedEx…even the low budget “Home” service, but this one takes the cake.