Shapeoko 3 cut settings

IMG_2101-minI’ve had several people ask for settings I am using for my Shapeoko 3. Keep in mind that settings will likely be different for your machine since they are not identical. As this list grows, I may convert into a downloadable spreadsheet (or Google Spreadsheet) but for now this page will be updated as I experiment with more materials.

DISCLAIMER: Just with other things you find online, you need to test them before relying on the information. Personal injury or property damage is your own responsibility. Cut rates mentioned are up the depth I have tested with.

Spindle: Dewalt DWP611 (stock collet)
Material: Purebond birch plywood, 3/4″
Bit/Endmill: Bosch 1/4″ upcut carbide, 2 flutes
Plunge: 30ipm

Comment: Cutting pockets at 0.125″ depth at 60ipm feed rate leaves very little tear out on the veneer. Increasing to 75ipm leaves more tear out however both can be cleaned up quickly with 220 grit sandpaper and one cannot tell the difference between the two feed rates. The bottoms of each pocket are relatively smooth but do contain toolmarks so sanding is required when looking for a fnished product with this cutting bit.