WordPress Management

I specialize in WordPress management for high-volume, specialized customers. Rates vary depending on the serve/site complexity and requirements. I do not host your site nor do graphic design but rather provide ongoing support for the back-end of your site including risk management, server upgrades, and software support. All you need to do is worry about your content and leave the code to me. Most of my customers currently achieve around 300-500K hits/month with nearly 100% website up-time with virtually no outages for maintenance.

Not only the site is monitored continually to ensure it is always available but clients have my personal contact information and can contact me day or night if there should be a severe problem.


Customized Woodcrafts

Anything is possible with wood! Anything from fine furniture to bridges have been made out of it and everything else in-between.

Tell me what you is on your mind and if we can come to an agreement with a design in Sketchup, I’ll make it happen.

IT Consulting

As an IT professional with 10 years experience with servers and networks, there’s not much I haven’t touched on.

Google is my friend and it has helped me countless times to figure out a finicky problem that others were having but every now and then my page is the result that Google points you to because I’ve done the homework that others have not. Let me do the homework for your next project, big or small.

I specialize in physical infrastructure and wireless technologies. Getting data from point A-to-B (and even C) using copper, fiber, or wireless or a mix of all three is my game…and I’m the MVP.


Feel free to contact me via email at ME at  JEFF-FERGUSON  dot  COM or using my contact form.
(replace at with @ and dot with .)